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Realizing a people-driven, environment-focused company

Kindness toward people and the environment is an important goal pursued by ZACROS, and it is also our social responsibility as a public company. As a manufacturer of plastics, we have set environmental targets for 2030 and are implementing concrete measures to achieve them. As a company friendly to both people and the earth, we will continue to strive to resolve social issues and work toward both appreciation and trust by all stakeholders.

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In addition to reforming our production processes and infrastructure, we are also actively working on the use of recyclable materials and the development of environment friendly bio-sourced and biodegradable products.

Contribution to a low-carbon society

Reduction of CO2 emissions by 50% through energy-efficient production processes and product development.

Contribution to a recycling-oriented society

Efficient use of resources and reduction of waste generated during production by 30%.

Contribution to a society in harmony with nature

Reduction of substances of concern by 30% toward more environmentally friendly production activities and product development.


Our corporate activities are based on the concept of "Safety first". We are working to instill this spirit in every corner of the ZACROS Group.

Employee safety

Implementation of an OHSAS-compliant management system to avoid accidents through safety education, as well as identification, evaluation and elimination of workplace hazards.


We are constantly striving to improve quality. Because the quality of our company’s products is directly linked to the quality of our customers’ products, we take every possible measure to ensure that our standards are rigorously implemented.

High level ISO-compliant production management system

Please click here for more information on the ISO compliance of each location.


We are creating an environment in which diverse creative and flexible human resources are brought together to grow.

Recruitment and development of diverse human resources

Expansion of employment among a wide range of human resources, including persons with disabilities, seniors and foreigners. Promotion of lifelong learning and language studies, as well as personnel exchange at domestic and overseas locations.

Support for diverse working styles

Promotion of childcare and maternity leave, flexible or reduced working hours and telework.

Nurturing the next generation of talents

Support of the next generation of researchers via the Fujimori Science and Technology Foundation (public interest incorporated foundation).