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Research and Development

ZACROS constantly pursues advanced R&D to develop new proprietary technologies and products.
We aim to continue our tradition of “constantly reaching for the future by seeking to be at the leading edge of the times” and “creating new value by giving function to raw materials.” The R&D Laboratory does this by adding and combining a variety of technologies and know-how with our core technologies of coating and laminating to develop new technologies and products.
At all times, we perform this task by finding potential solutions that require new technologies and then developing those technologies. At the same time, we look at what the market and customers already desire, and viewing them as the needs of the greater society, and work to give form to these needs through marketing. R&D creates new value that we provide in the form of products.

Introduction to the R&D Laboratory

The R&D Laboratory moved to a newly built facility in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama in 2004 as ZACROS celebrated its 90th anniversary. This facility is at the heart of our research and development initiatives. The R&D Laboratory moreover is a place where customers come for advice or to join us in collaborative development. It features a full array of experimental and testing equipment to do basic research and help meet customer needs as quickly as possible. The laboratory is located next to our Yokohama Plant, our core facility for the packaging business. The R&D Laboratory therefore has all types of equipment, devices and prototyping machinery to develop packaging from the idea stage to actual products.

R&D Laboratory Facilities

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Research and Development

Experimental Plant
System Development Laboratory/Trial Production Studio