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Precision Coating: Customer Coating Service (CCS)

Our Customer Coating Service (CCS) is a customized coating service we offer to meet your individual needs.
The development of highly functional materials for cutting-edge information technology and other fields is full of technical challenges, such as selecting substrates and coating materials, reviewing film-formation methods, and performing quality control during mass production. Such development thus requires enormous investments in time and labor. We provide a customized development and processing service for highly functional materials that employs precision-coating technology and an ultra-clean production environment. All products are custom order-made, and we provide support for all aspects of development of your products, including integrated production in a clean environment and reliable quality assurance with various assessment technologies. Through this support, we can help reduce the time it takes to commercialize and begin mass producing products.

ZACROS is the technical partner that fulfills your sophisticated needs in electronics and other leading industries.

By applying our uniform and high-precision layering technology developed in a Class 100 ultra-clean environment, we are able to develop electronic substrate materials, photosensitive film, light-blocking film and other highly functional materials required in high-tech fields. We maintain close communication with our customers during development to determine target quality, secure the target functionality from substrate development, and build a quality assurance system. Throughout this process, we act as your technical partner, utilizing our accumulated technologies and know-how to resolve all your problems and respond to your technical consultations.  

ZACROS is your coating specialist

1. Creating film from various materials
·Photosensitive resin
·Thermoset resin
·Filming of special coatings
·Other materials
2. Provision of ZACROS coating products
·PET protection film: MASTACK® TFB
·Industrial mold-release sheets (FILMBYNA®)
·Medical mold-release sheets (FILMBYNA®)

An established reputation for precision coating under ultra-clean environment

1. All ZACROS coaters are installed in a Class 100 environment.
*All areas surrounding the coaters, except for the coater head, are Class 1000
2. We have numerous machines available such as simultaneous two-layer coaters (for everything up to A4-size test coaters).
1. Coating machines
· Product width: 500 mm - 1,600 mm
· Base material types: PET, copper foil, PC, PI and other films and soft-metal foils
· Base material thickness: 12 - 500 µm
· Coating types: water-based coatings, solvent-based coatings, photosensitive coatings
· Coating viscosity: approx. 5 - 50,000 mPas (Please inquire for coating.)
· Coating thickness: 2 - 300 g/m2 (wet)
* Cleanliness class of coated parts: 100
* There is an after-cure facility.
2. Coating process materials
· Viscosity: approx. 5 - 50,000 mPas (Please inquire for coating.)
· Solvents used: various types including MEK, toluene
· Films used: various types including PET, PP, PE, PEN
· Film thickness: approx. 4 - 500 µm
* We can work with soft-metal foils (Please inquire.)
3. Coating-process performance
· Coated-layer thickness: approx. 1 - 200 µm (layer thickness that can be formed after coating)
· Coating process can be done in a clean room (cleanliness class for coater part: 100)
· Foreign matter can be detected online during the coating process.
4. Post-processes
· Slitting, bag making, cutting, etc.
· Both materials used and products can be aged and stored at -5ºC – 60ºC

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